Our company was born from an idea and a meaningful vision: an alternative and natural cosmetic highlighting plants from the traditional Chinese pharmacopoeia and respect for the principles of TCM.

We wanted to launch a unisex range, intended for all ages and all skin types without exception.

Accessible to everyone, it aims to address the most frequently encountered skin problems.


The company places the values ​​of teamwork, commitment, responsibility and innovation at the heart of its strategy.


The founding partners have approximately 30 years of professional experience each and recognize the virtues of teamwork.

The NUENCE project has, since its genesis, been conducted in a collegial manner with discipline and relaxation. The emphasis is placed on the ability to listen and the development of each person.


The 4 founding partners are united around a certain idea of ​​business conduct: ethical, loyal, transparent, respectful of its partners and all competitive and regulatory aspects of the markets in which the company operates, in France and abroad.


Our project is designed to generate added value but also to be meaningful. The company has initiated an identification of the main societal, environmental and economic issues to which it wishes to contribute.

All partners operating in the NUENCE ecosystem are selected according to their ability to engage in this direction with us.


It is at the heart of the project carried out by NUENCE and constitutes its “engine” for the years to come.

Beyond product innovation, essential for long-term performance in this market, the management team promotes the creation of ideas and the search for solutions to generate value (new distribution channels, new concepts, new packaging, etc.).