NUENCE collab avec FLOREVE

The nuence mtc team is proud to announce an exceptional collaboration with the Florêve Paris brand.

A wonderful meeting between two brands that share the same passion for Traditional Chinese Medicine and the age-old benefits of its plants, often little-known or forgotten in the West.

A shared vision for holistic well-being through products and rituals that take care of the body and mind.

Two brands MADE IN FRANCE which bring together the cultures of Asia and the West and make possible the alliance of ancestral know-how with modern technology.

First born from this collaboration, discover the limited edition 'POWER MUM' box set for Mother's Day!

Power Mum box

The history of the FLORÊVE brand:

Living and working with the flowers that rocked her childhood in China: it was Joyce Wang's dream: " I grew up in contact with nature, in my grandfather's vast garden. In each season, the flowers offered a magnificent colorful spectacle. These childhood memories became real treasures that still nourish my spirit today.

This dream became reality in 2015 when, after obtaining her degree in Pharmacy, she created her brand in Paris. Quite naturally, the name of the brand stands out: Florêve is the fusion of the words “flower” and “dream”.

The principle: beauty powered from within

Florêve beauty treatments deeply nourish the skin and hair and provide immediate comfort with active ingredients absorbed orally: each ampoule is a concentrate of effectiveness.

Florêve Paris and NUENCE thus come together around a holistic approach to health and beauty, acting both from within the body as well as on the surface of the skin for a more effective and more effective action. sustainable.


Naturalness and Quality in common

Each Florêve Paris formula undergoes extensive laboratory research to be as natural as possible, with minimalist ingredient lists. The selected active ingredients come from nature and traditional Chinese medicine.

Beauty treatments contain on average 97% natural ingredients.

The ampoules of the [IN] FORCE 'DRAGON POWER' treatment contain Ginkgo Biloba and Ginseng, two treasures from the Chinese pharmacopoeia that NUENCE also highlights in its creams.



Cure Dragon Power
So, the assembly of these innovations in the same box makes perfect sense.
NUENCE The Earth 50ml