NUENCE et le Printemps en Médecine Traditionnelle Chinoise

Spring has arrived ! With the change of season, it is common to experience fluctuations in our health and well-being. To better understand and experience these changes, Chinese medicine offers interesting perspectives.

In this article, discover 5 tips based on the principles of Chinese medicine to help you better get through this transition period.

These tips cover different elements:

  • Dietetics
  • Skin care
  • Well-being practices (massages and qi gong)
  • The colour
  • The emotion

    Understanding the change of season according to Chinese medicine

    Chinese medicine considers that each season is associated with specific energies.

    Since February 13, the energies have been ascending, they will reach their peak in spring at the equinox on March 21. Then, they will descend again until the end of spring, on April 27.

    Currently, we are in the “Wood” period, characterized by the awakening of nature and growth. Everything grows, like our childhood, the energy is alive but not yet powerful. According to this system, our energetic spring, compressed all winter, seeks to relax. The main organ associated with this season is the liver, and boosting its energy can be beneficial.


    Dietary tips to promote harmony.

    To strengthen the energy of the Liver (associated with the energy of the gallbladder), the acidic flavor and green color are recommended in Chinese medicine. Foods such as citrus fruits, millet, green beans, and vinegar can be incorporated into your diet to support this energy.

    • QUICK REMEDY: Nothing better than a little lemon juice treatment to help in the morning on an empty stomach, a mixture of lemon juice and lukewarm water for 10 days.

    Skin care in harmony with the Wood season

    Continuing the principles of Chinese medicine, it is essential to also adapt our skin care to the energies of the season.

    A purifying face cream , specially designed for combination to oily skin and inspired by Chinese pharmacopoeia , can be a valuable ally.

    NUENCE Purifying face cream 50ml WOOD

    This cream combines plants such as Dandelion and Centella asiatica , known for their purifying and mattifying properties.

    In addition, enriched with Bakuchiol , it offers intense hydration, thus meeting the skin's needs during this transition period.

    By integrating this treatment into your beauty routine, you can strengthen the harmony between your skin and spring energies, while ensuring a fresh and radiant complexion.

    Well-being practices to balance energies

    Massage and Qi Gong are traditional practices that can help balance energies during the changing seasons.



    - Start with a global massage of your feet, ankles, soles, top of the foot, sides, each toe.

    - If you feel a more sensitive area, linger on that point until the unpleasant sensation subsides.

    - Then focus on point 3F located on the top of the foot, at the bottom of the depression between the 1st and 2nd metatarsals (base of the 1st and 2nd toe). It is a strategic point for harmonizing the Liver.

    Additionally, Qigong exercises like the archery movement can help strengthen the body and mind.



    - Spread your legs and bend your knees

    - Turn your head towards the outstretched arm holding the imaginary bow

    - The thumb and index finger form the L of the viewfinder.

    - The gaze is carried as far as possible.

    - The other arm is bent as if it were stretching the rope.

    Perform this movement on both sides and between each movement, return to the rider's position (legs bent and parallel, crossing your arms in front of your chest).

    The importance of color and emotions

    The color green, symbol of nature and growth, can have a positive impact on our well-being. A walk in a park does us good and stimulates our creativity!

    Likewise, it is important to recognize and manage the emotions associated with Wood season, including anger.

    But the best thing about this season is that it's a good time to make decisions and take action.


    By following our tips inspired by Chinese medicine, you can better experience the change of season and promote your physical and emotional well-being.

    Take advantage of this period of energetic renewal to take care of yourself and explore new habits that will keep you feeling balanced and revitalized!