NUENCE et les 5 saisons de la MTC

We should talk about Chinese calendars, there are several of them and they are complex.

There's the solar calendar, which divides the year into 24 periods.

There's the lunar-solar calendar, which divides the year into 12 or 13 moons.

There's the climatic calendar, which I use for preventive care, based on 6 periods of the year.

And in Chinese energetics, we count 5 seasons: the 4 seasons we know + 1 central season. This central season, which lies between summer and autumn - our Indian summer - represents a refocusing of the elements of nature. Moreover, we don't go from winter to spring in 1 day.

We therefore speak of a time of transformation that corresponds to 18 days between each season: the interseason.

The solstices and equinoxes mark not the beginning but the middle of the seasons, the peak of the corresponding energies.

Spring's energy magnitude will be at the equinox, on March 21.