It's summer!...since May 15 according to Chinese Tradition. We are therefore on ascending energies until the solstice of June 21. Summer will end on July 30. In this article, Fleur Otdjian, co-founder of NUENCE, gives us her advice for living this season in perfect harmony.



We enter the element Fire. We continue the stretching of our inner spring started in Spring; it is the time of maturity.

Summer energy circulates in 2 meridians: the Heart and the Small Intestine. It is warm, sunny, it is an energy of abundance, stimulating which pushes one to joyful activity. It invites us to move, act, communicate (through its affinity with language, the Heart “fluidifies” speech).

But be careful, just as our spring has relaxed to the maximum, it will come to a standstill around June 21. We need to store heat and light. So activity yes, but no hyperactivity! It's also the time to take breaks, naps and give yourself time to do nothing...and also live outside, spend time with your friends or family. All of this helps nourish the heart.

Diet: which food to turn to?

Fire is associated with the color red. It's the season for red fruits: strawberries, raspberries, cherries...Try not to overindulge in cold drinks, ice creams and raw vegetables...which exhaust your body trying to warm them up, unless you feel the need to soothe your inner fire.

The Fire element is associated with the bitter flavor: will you take 1 Coffee? (no more than 3 cups/day...and then no sugar, otherwise you turn off the heat...).

Other foods can add a little bitterness to meals: chicory, escarole, asparagus.

Summer red fruits

What self-massage could do me good?

Circle your right wrist with your left hand and turn around ten times back and forth.

Then with your right thumb, push from the end of the wrist on the little finger side towards the palm of the hand.

Perform several movements then change hands.


I want to practice Qi Gong but I don't know which exercise to do?

Stand with your feet parallel, hip-width apart.

Smooth the inside of the arms, finishing with a dry gesture at the palms as if to expel energy.
Smooth the outer part of the arms in the same way.
Do the same on the other arm.
Then open your arms, palms facing each other encircling an imaginary ball of light.

Visualize a warm, shiny, luminous ball in your hands then gently penetrate it through thought at the level of the stomach just below the navel, place the hands on top of the stomach. Stay like this for a few moments, head connected to Heaven, feet anchored to Earth.


What if you recharged your batteries in red?

During this period, surround yourself with red, think about your decoration with a few touches (why not a bouquet of red flowers?) but also your clothes. A piece of jewelry, a scarf, an accessory can be enough to give that little touch of red that will do you good.

Skin care in harmony with the season:

Continuing with the principles of Chinese medicine, it is wise to also adapt our skin care to the energies of the season. The NUENCE soothing facial fluid specially designed for sensitive skin and inspired by Chinese pharmacopoeia, can be a valuable ally.

NUENCE - moisturizing face day cream
This fragrance-free (and therefore allergen-free) fluid contains extracts of White Peony (Bai Chao) root, a very popular medicinal plant. It helps nourish the blood, while also having the reputation in China of being a anti-aging plant, very frequently used in old-fashioned beauty routines.

Its calming, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties come from its main active substance, paeoniflorin. This has enabled the development of its use in herbal medicine and cosmetics where it is very appreciated for relieving, soothing and reducing the severity of certain skin conditions.

White Peony Root

Also present in this fluid, extracts of Lian zi xin (Lotus sprouts) which is recommended to drain the Fire of the Heart, relieve irritability and promote calm and relaxation. Its bioactive constituents (including neferine with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant potential) act effectively on nervousness and improve mood and spiritual well-being.

Lotus sprouts

Thanks to the provision of a soothing, hydrating and anti-redness active ingredient, derived from an algae, NUENCE offers complete care that ensures your skin is soothed, protected and hydrated.

By integrating this treatment into your beauty routine, you can strengthen the harmony between your skin and the energies of summer.


What is the emotion attached to this season?

The emotion associated with Fire is Joy; fire is also associated with taste pleasures, it's a great program, right?

Joy is the positive emotion par excellence, the one that sometimes grabs you for no reason and brings a ray of sunshine to your life! Be careful, we are talking about “real joy” here, which is not noisy joy or excitement that tires the heart.
According to Chinese tradition, the Heart is the residence of the "Shen" , the Spirit of Man, the soul, coming from the "perfection" of Heaven with which it normally remains connected. A well-nourished Shen, with balanced heart energy, guarantees a clear conscience.
A balanced Shen also allows us to be in harmony with what surrounds us. Empathy is one of the qualities of the Shen of the Heart. If this energy becomes unbalanced, we can either step aside to leave all the room for others, or we can become rigid and leave them none. The Shen of the Heart, when harmonious, allows you to find your right place in human relationships.

As Confucius said: "The wise man does not shine! He enlightens..."

So, listen to your Shen, it is full of common sense, depth and wisdom...and go out and enjoy the summer!...