Comment se reconnecter à la nature avec Nuence MTC

In Taoist thought , at the origin of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the human being is considered as a form of life located halfway between the aerial environment and the terrestrial environment; in fact it receives a permanent influence from both: climate, cycle of seasons, harvests which influence food, quality of the air breathed, etc. 

To be in good health it is essential to (re)find harmony between these elements, nothing better than swimming in nature. 

But how can we reconnect with our Mother Earth in our lives, where everything is always moving very quickly, and where modern technologies are always taking up more space?

Our mind is constantly active with this impression of being disconnected from our body which sometimes calls us to order, our body which only asks to find its roots... 

reconnect_nature_nuencecosmetics Here are 5 tips for finding the right path: 

1. Use your 5 senses

In a natural environment such as a forest, on the edge of a river, in the mountains, or in a field of wild flowers: smell the surrounding odors, listen to the birds singing, walk barefoot as soon as the temperature permits, observe the colors of the 5 elements: green, red, yellow, white and black. Take the opportunity to enjoy a seasonal fruit.  

2. Breathe deeply with conscious, deep breathing. Feel the air enter through your nostrils but does not stop at the lungs, it also travels down into your abdomen and fills it for complete tissue oxygenation.

3. Walk mindfully ...try to feel every pebble under your shoe, every unevenness in the ground, every change in texture under your feet.

4. Communicate with the plant world: garden, go to the forest or why not try silvotherapy , the benefits of which are no longer in doubt: the tree takes and transforms our energy overloads, and would relieve anger. 

5. Finally, get to know yourself better : what climate do you prefer, what climate do you fear: wind, heat, humidity, drought, cold. Take this into account in your daily life, including in your diet and by analogy in the cooking method of your food.

    Also learn to recognize your skin type and its condition . These can naturally evolve over the seasons and over the course of life. NUENCE products help meet these needs and provide your skin with:

    • A purifying effect like the wind which cleanses everything in its path: Wood element.
    • A soothing effect when you feel the heat on your face: Fire element.
    • A vitality effect during each transition period such as the off-season: Earth element.
    • A radiant effect when dryness causes a loss of luminous complexion: Metal element. 
    • A nourishing effect when the cold dehydrates and freezes on the surface: Water element.

    Listen to yourself and take care of yourself...