NUENCE - Responsabilité sociétale engagée
According to the philosophy of Chinese medicine, the world should be perceived holistically. Man being a constituent of nature, his health reflects his adaptation to all the changes occurring in his environment. It is only in a healthy and intact environment that humans can feel good and stay healthy.

It is therefore obvious and essential for NUENCE, a brand inspired by TCM, to seek to have a positive impact on society and, more precisely, to contribute to the challenges of sustainable development.

Since the beginning of the project, the choice has been made to select suppliers and partners committed to eco-responsible conduct. Thus, our partner Herbalist Lian Sinovital adheres to strong ecological and ethical principles and meets the strictest quality assurance requirements. This laboratory has an operating authorization issued by Swissmedic, the Swiss Institute of Therapeutic Products, for the wholesale sale of therapeutic Chinese medicine products as well as for their import and export. In addition, he has a pharmacy practice accreditation with special authorization to mail order pharmaceutical products.

The basis of safety at LIAN is its quality system, which complies with all GMP (good manufacturing practices) requirements. It is, moreover, constantly updated according to European directives. The Swiss cantonal and federal authorities check it regularly.

The plants are only sent to Europe once it is certain that they comply with the specifications applicable to products in the European and Chinese pharmacopoeias. The whole plants are delivered to Switzerland accompanied by a certificate of analysis issued by a certified European laboratory. Each batch undergoes new organoleptic, microscopic, chromatographic and/or chemical analyzes upon receipt: search for pollutants, in particular possible levels of toxins, heavy metals (cadmium, mercury, lead, arsenic), pesticides, aflatoxins and ochratoxins. A comparative study using reference batches is also carried out. It is only after validation of all these tests that the plants can be authorized for sale.

LIAN allows us to guarantee that all the plants in our products strictly comply with the CITES standard
Finally, LIAN's commitment to species protection allows us to guarantee that all plants used in our products strictly comply with the CITES standard (Convention on International Trade in Species of Wild Fauna and Flora threatened with extinction). For species listed in Appendices II and III, a CITES certificate is required, which certifies that the plant comes from crops and not from nature. Although obtaining CITES certificates is somewhat laborious in China, LIAN never refrains from it.