Nuence is a range of cosmetic products, developed according to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). A gender-neutral skincare range, aimed at a wide audience, of all ages and for all skin types.

We decided to highlight TCM plants, known for their benefits for 3500 years but, until now, little used in cosmetic products.
In partnership with our herbalist, we have selected, from more than 300 medicinal plants, those best suited to meet the needs of the skin.
By combining these plants with modern active ingredients, NUENCE offers an original combination of ancestral know-how and modernity.

To confirm the brand's anchoring in the fundamentals of TCM, each of the NUENCE products has been developed specifically to respond to the needs and imbalances of the skin during the cycle of the seasons and life as described in the theory of the 5 elements, one of the founding theories of TCM.

All NUENCE products are made in France with a minimum of 95% ingredients of natural origin, dermatologically tested, Vegan and PETA Cruelty free.


The Nuence story really begins in December 2021.
Our common passion for cosmetics was the trigger.

Our long friendship, our complementarity and our respective professional experiences are the foundations of our company.
Our ambition is to offer an innovative, holistic and timeless experience.

These are the foundations of Nuence, a natural cosmetic range where plants from traditional Chinese pharmacopoeia are combined with modern active ingredients; the best of both worlds.

A promise of effectiveness based on the main principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


In a long career in the field of Quality management, Fleur has simultaneously completed diploma studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine (DNMTC – Confederal Certification accessible after 5 years of study) and today practices in her office in the South of the France ; its expertise and its high level of requirements have allowed Nuence to strictly respect the principles and philosophy of TCM, to make the relevant choices of plants from the Chinese pharmacopoeia, to have our choices validated by specialists and experts in the discipline.

Isabelle has made her career in the world of cosmetics and luxury, within large international companies. The development and production of cosmetic products no longer holds any secrets for her.

Gaël has a doctorate in Pharmacy and ran a home health business for over 20 years.

We have decided to combine our experiences and skills in the service of a common, innovative and sustainable project, respecting our values ​​of commitment and responsibility.