NUENCE et le bien-être holistique

What are adaptogenic plants?

These are plants capable of inducing a state of increased resistance in the body, allowing it to counterbalance stress signals and adapt to exceptional effort. Regulatory, they stimulate tired organisms, but without excite, and they calm people who are too nervous.

As a result, they support the general condition and endurance of the body. All of these effects are based on the guiding principle of adaptogens – maintaining a state of balance. They allow us to stay healthy and feel good.

In traditional Chinese medicine, adaptogenic plants are called “superior tonics”.

Queen plant of traditional Asian pharmacopoeia (Chinese, Korean, Indian), ginseng (Element EARTH) belongs to the botanical genus Panax, so named from the Greek, which means “remedies for all ills, panacea”.

An adaptogenic plant used to improve concentration and memory, Centella Asiatica, also called Tiger herb (WOOD Element) has properties that strengthen the immune system. Research has shown that its use accelerates body regeneration and wound healing. It also improves the functioning of the circulatory system.