NUENCE le meilleur des deux mondes

Each of the nuence products combines 2 active ingredients from the Chinese pharmacopoeia with 1 active ingredient from modern cosmetics.
An original combination of ancestral and contemporary know-how.
The best of both worlds.
In collaboration with our partner herbalist pharmacist, we have carefully chosen plants from the Chinese pharmacopoeia specifically adapted to the desired effects on the skin:

Leaves and stems: Centella Asiatica - Tiger Grass (JI XUE CAO), Dandelion (PU GONG YING)
Fruit: Gingko Biloba (BAI GUO), Blackberry (SANG SHEN ZI), Lotus (LIAN ZI XIN).
Root: White Peony (BAI CHAO), Ginseng (REN SHEN), Chinese Angelica (DANG GUI), Ginger (GAN JIANG), Licorice (GAN CAO)

The plant combinations are exclusive to the brand, they are produced to order only for nuence, which emphasizes the natural use of plants, extracted by aqueous decoction without solvents, a method recognized as the most effective in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

Thanks to the expertise of our cosmetic products manufacturer, the selection of active ingredients below gives our formulas innovative properties:

Sytenol® A is more than 99% pure bakuchiol. Alongside retinol, only Sytenol® A has been scientifically validated in its ability to reduce wrinkles, photoaging and hyperpigmentation as effectively as retinol, but with better skin tolerance.

ANTILEUKINE 6 ™ is a soothing active ingredient extracted from algae which strengthens the different layers of the skin and stimulates collagen synthesis.

IBR-URBIO TECH™ is a multifunctional active ingredient, extracted from elecampane, which protects the skin from urban pollution and blue light damage for healthy and radiant skin.

Jeju Jori™ is an active ingredient derived from bamboo grass, it was specially chosen for its anti-oxidant and skin lightening activities.

HyActive®, a highly active hyaluronic acid with very low molecular weight, capable of reaching even the lowest layers of the skin and which brings new possibilities for advanced rejuvenation.

All the active ingredients of modern cosmetology used in our formulas are objective, that is to say they have been the subject of in-depth studies which have demonstrated their effectiveness. The nuence team has chosen to incorporate them into its products at the rate recommended by suppliers for optimal effectiveness (no underdosing).

The result in the nuence range

Tiger grass/Dandelion + Bakuchiol, the purifying cream
White Peony/Sacred Lotus + Antileukin 6, the soothing fluid
Chinese Ginseng/Angelica + IBR Urbiotech, the vitality cream
Ginger/Ginkgo Biloba + Jeju Jori, the radiance cream
Blackberry/Licorice Root + Hyaluronic Acid, anti-aging cream

To perfect these formulas and offer unique textures, nuence has chosen natural emollients with exceptional qualities:

Emogreen L19®, a liquid emollient, rapidly biodegradable, of plant origin (non-GMO) which presents an alternative to silicone oils. It provides an initial feeling of freshness and is accompanied by a soft finish.

BeauSens® Air is an emollient of natural origin, the result of a perfect combination of nature and innovation. Through the extraction of pelargonic acid from high oleic sunflower oil, it delivers a long-lasting protective film.