NUENCE - La santé en Hiver

Chinese seasons are several weeks ahead of their Western equivalents.

Winter will be at its peak on December 21st, the day of the solstice, the shortest day of the year.

What if we returned home as nature suggests? even if this period seems sterile, it has not put an end to fertility. Under the cold and damp Earth, the seeds are preparing...a period of waiting, of rest...but not of inactivity.

It is a season linked to the Kidney and hence, of fertility. It is also the protector of bones and marrow. The teeth are closely linked to the Kidneys.

It is the season of Water (Kidney-Bladder), an energy of water which can appear icy and frozen on the surface by the cold and which is just as much an invisible energy which flows abundantly into the depths. This represents hydration in every sense of the word; without water there is no life.

Which food to turn to?

The flavor associated with winter is salty...but always without excess. You can include fish, shellfish and crustaceans more often in your menus.


What activity could do me good?

“When Kidney Qi is sufficient, the 100 diseases are eliminated.”

“The kidney self-toning method”, or “Kidney toning method by Wailaogong”: every evening just before sleeping place the backs of both hands against the lower back, lying on your back, after 5-10 minutes, the feeling of heat will gradually spread throughout the body. At the beginning, both hands being crushed by the lower back, you may experience numbness, after 3-5 days of practice you adapt and this phenomenon disappears, you will be able to feel relaxation and flexibility in both legs. »

I want to practice Qi Gong, but I don't know which exercise to do?

Stretching the Bladder meridian helps promote circulation and elimination during this season.

* Stand with your feet apart, shoulders supple, knees slightly bent. One hand is placed on the back, the back of the hand against the lower back.
* The other hand comes to position itself in front of the thigh. We push with the hand by pivoting the basin as if the hand were a spoon which collects the water and raises it towards the Sky like a water wheel making a complete revolution.
* Change hands.

Do you like the deep blue color of the ocean?

It is perfect for this season.


What is the emotion particularly associated with this season?

It is an energy linked to WILL, strength of character, the desire to assert what we think and what we believe. This is therefore the ideal season to strengthen this energy.

If this energy is insufficient, it causes FEAR and conversely, fear reduces the energy of the kidney...

So, take care to preserve your Water energy...